a surprise for mum

Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate the special woman in your family, be it your wife, mother, grandmother or aunt! It’s a great excuse to get in the kitchen to whip up some treats to show your appreciation for the love, support and care they give you and your family. This issues host took to the kitchen with the kids to do just that with visions of a delightful outdoor picnic in mind. Adaptability was the theme of the day with both the menu and the location... when the rain came the kids had a wonderful time setting up the picnic indoors instead!

the menu

Mushroom Vegetarian Sausage rolls

Mary Berry's Victoria Sandwich

Our adaptable host, rolled up his sleeves and made another favourite treat for the mama in his family, vegetarian sausage rolls with a gluten free pastry. Inspired by the mushroom filling in a beef wellington, he based his recipe on one found in this month's Recipe Card, and created his own recipe. The end result was definitely ‘ooo ahh!’ with these flaky pastries being quickly consumed. Take a peek at the recipe card to whip up your own tasty batch.

To find this recipe head to this month's Recipe Card here.

Our host wanted an extra special treat for the mama in his family. Turning back the years he sought out a Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich cake which evoked memories of their time in England when this cake was a definite favourite. The rich buttery sponge crumbed perfectly and when teamed with a sugar free raspberry jam, it was a complete success.

Find the recipe for this delicious traditional cake here.

Chocolate Almond Cake with Chocolate-Butter Icing

The children loved these Julia Child inspired cake squares... especially smothering them in sprinkles. They are light, chocolatey and delicious.

Click here for the recipe.

the setting

Curried Chickpea and lentil sandwich

Our host’s family loves a classic curried egg sandwich but with a vegetarian mama some alterations had to be made. This delicious curried chickpea version went down well with the children and especially the mama. Alterations such as this are the perfect way to show how much you know and love your guests.

To find the recipe head to the Issue Recipe Card found here.

Even the rain couldn't keep the enthusiasm these kids took to decorating and laying out their picnic surprise. 

An indoor location, a few feet from the kitchen served as the perfect substitute when the rain arrived. 

This shows no matter the weather there is always room for a little fun.