Mushroom risotto.HEIC

a hearty roast for four

With crisp morning frosts and the winter woollies coming out, this month’s host chose to embrace winter with a welcoming roast for four.  Tucked up with friends, sipping on red wine, the chilly evenings become something to look forward to.

The menu

Mushroom risotto

A warming, wholesome start to the meal was made when this month’s host produced a velvety, savoury mushroom risotto.  Her top tip to elevate this dish is to pan-fry thick slices of mushroom in butter to integrate through the risotto when serving and to top it with sprouts or rocket to cut through the richness and add texture.  With a solid number of easy to find risotto recipes our host says, jump online and start experimenting to develop your personal dish.

Mushroom Risotto
Butternut Spaghetti with macadamia nuts, crispy kale and goats cheese

Butternut Spaghetti with macadamia nuts, crispy kale and goats cheese

With risotto as the entrée, this main is lightened, by serving butternut squash noodles tossed in a light vinaigrette and accompanied by massaged kale, creamy goat cheese, and lightly toasted macadamia nuts. Pop over to our recipe card to check out a reliable balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Rolled Beef Roast

A rolled beef roast provided the perfect main for our host this month.  It is a fuss-free roast, that comes out moist and delicious each time.  Our host swears by allowing the meat to warm to almost room temperature before massaging with olive oil and popping in the oven.  Have a look at our recipe cards to make sure your rolled beef roast is the talk of the next gathering.

Rolled Roast Beef ready
Rolled Beef Roast carved
Roast Beef ad Butternut Spaghetti

Plating is always a time to pause.  Some hosts have a special gift with presentation whilst others are forever evolving their style.  This month’s host loves the preparation and sharing of food and prefers dramatic contrast in her plating.  These textured dishes were a favourite find from a local second-hand shop, along with the striking black table cloth.  Together they draw the eye to the beautiful colours and textures on the plate.  She recommends, having fun with plating and resisting the urge to feel overwhelmed by the desire to present a picture-perfect dish, instead let the colours, textures, flavours and aromas be the highlight.

Stewed Apples and pancakes with cream and walnuts

A visually stunning dessert was presented to complete this warming winter gathering.  The host decided to reflect the rarity and beauty of good friendships by presenting apple, maple ‘orchids’.  A simple dish of small pancakes, with lightly poached apple, cream flavoured with maple syrup and lightly toasted walnuts reflected that tried and true flavour combinations never let you down.  Our host notes, key in this menu was ensuring simple dishes with prepared elements allowed her to focus on her guests and enjoying their time together.  This dessert provides a wonderful example of that. 

Stewed apple with pancakes and cream an walnuts
Village Press First Press Exta Virgin Olive Oil

The products

Village Press: First Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Another smashing example of the wonderful food produced in New Zealand.  This oil is a careful blend of New Zealand, Australian and Spanish olive oils to ensure consistency each year.  A drizzle of this mellow, medium intensity oil provides beautiful colour, texture and flavour to a variety of dishes.

For more details head to our Storeroom.

Somerset Farms Butternut Noodles

Nutritious and contemporary these butternut squash noodles are beautifully produced and provide a colourful accompaniment or side dish. You can add your own touch by liberally exploring dressings, nuts, seeds, cheeses and herbs to make their bright and playful colour pop more on the plate.

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Somerset Farms Butternut Noodles

Nutty for You: Raw Macadamia Nuts

Dramatic, indulgent, crunchy macadamia nuts always thrill your guests.  These New Zealand, grown, spray free macadamias are a beautiful example of the quality of produce New Zealand produces and will enhance the dining experience at your next gathering. 


Our Storeroom has more information on this amazing products. Go here.

Nutty for You Raw Macadamia Nuts

Genoese: Fresh Basil Pesto

This delicious, New Zealand made pesto consistently provides a bright, delicious accompaniment to any dish.  Hand picked basil leaves are lovingly transformed by way of small batch preparation to create this key kitchen staple for the busy host.​

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Genoese Fresh Basil Pesto

Stanley Rogers: Pistol Grip Carving Set

A carving set is not only a glamourous way to prepare your roast for service, but an essential to providing your guests balanced, elegant slices.  This Stanley Rogers design, has beautiful hand feel, with balanced weight and elegant design to confidently aid your caving skills at your next gathering.

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Stanley Rogers Pistol Grip Carving Set
Stewed apple panckaes and cream.HEIC