Family Lunch

family lunch

For our inaugural gathering we chose to feature a casual family lunch with members of the extended family all spending a weekend together at Langs Beach. It was potluck style with the various dishes contributed by different members of the family. The result was a profusion of flavours and styles of preparation, produced with minimum fuss but still scrumptious with ample portions for all. 

The menu

Irish Apple Cake with Vanilla Custard

A simple and delicious dessert. This Irish Apple Cake with Vanilla Custard is a definite crowd pleaser. It can be served summer or winter. The custard can be homemade or shop bought.


The recipe for this dessert can be found here.


If you prefer not to make the custard from scratch then we recommend Farro Creamy Vanilla custard.

Sous Vide Chermoula Lamb Leg

Farro is a great source for easy ready to cook meals, particularly if you are in a hurry. Since this lunch was actually at the family beach house, it was more convenient to take a couple of ready to cook dishes up there. This was so easy to prepare using the instructions that accompanied it. The sous vide method ensured that it was tender and flavoursome with its marinade of chermoula spices, garlic, lemon and thyme.


Find it here.

Sticky Pork Ribs

These sticky, tender, sweet and spicy Korean Pork Ribs were definitely moreish! Also a sous vide style that was easy to cook, they are another option from Farro for an easy and delicious addition to the table.

You can find them to purchase here.

Garlic & Herb Roast Chicken

This roast chicken is simple to prepare, children love it and tastes good as leftovers for sandwiches at the beach the next day!


We found this delicious recipe here. 


We adapted the recipe, substituting freshly grated garlic instead of garlic powder and roasted whole chickens in an oven, instead of chicken breast on a barbeque.

Traditional Meatball Curry

Now this spicy meat ball curry was a contribution from the children's grandmother. It is a traditional Goan recipe, handed down in the family and involves an array of ingredients and processes to obtain the delicious result! 

The fashion

So what does one wear when hosting or attending a gathering such as this? Since this is a casual family lunch, a simple outfit consisting of a pretty floral dress, sandals, earrings and sunglasses works. If the event is during cooler weather, a warm oversized cardigan and ankle boots would serve just as well with the dress

Fashion accessories
Patterned dress
Warm cardingan
Suede Ankle Boots

The style details

This outfit is easy to replicate. The dress pictured here is from H & M. They do variations of this style all year round. Alternatively, Witchery do a similar style in linen or cotton as well. The point is to be comfortable but also chic. 

The  rose gold flat sandals are from a  couple of years ago from Country Road. Again this is a simple comfortable style found at many retailers. Zara usually do a great selection as well that are fashion forward but still well made and comfortable. 

Alternatively, for chillier weather, the chunky cardigan like the one pictured is a great extra layer. This one is from May but plenty of similar styles available at places like H&M, Country Road and Zara. 

Swap the sandals for a pair of low heeled ankle boots like these from Clarks. 

Essentially, these outfits can be easily recreated in a variety of styles, colours, shapes and price points. They are easy to pack and easy to wear!

On an additional note about fragrance, this Chloe perfume is suitable for all seasons, is light and fresh and not overpowering and always gets lots of compliments!

The setting

Your gathering can be made a little more special with the addition of fresh flowers. Simply pop down to your local florist, select some stems in a colour scheme you like (white and green like these go with everything) and ask the florist to arrange them for you. A good idea would be to take the vase you are planning to use and ask for the flowers to be arranged to fit it. For larger events, many florists are happy to arrange your flowers in your vases and even deliver them!


These blooms came from local florist The Flower Bar in Howick, Auckland.

Flowers distant
Flowers close up
Flowers from the top
Family Lunch