a splendid table for four

Our talented host this issue decided to take the opportunity to celebrate friendship this month by creating a splendid table of sumptuous local faire, carefully and creatively prepared and plated.  Sander’s love of food and obvious talent provides the perfect way for him to connect with and show his appreciation for his friends and family.

The menu

Venison Tartare with Garlic Noir on Fennel Crisp with Truffle Mayo

Venison tartar is a novel if not, intimidating dish to make and serve however Sander assures us it is simple when you understand the basics of preparing this wonderful, lean meat.  Sander went the extra step and created his own tapioca crisps but recommends crostini as an easy substitution.  Teamed with a saffron aioli, home made of course, this dish is a fresh and exciting way to start any gathering. 


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Salmon Fillet from ‘The Marlborough Sounds’ with Horseradish Cream with Spring Vegetables and toasted Hazelnuts

A marriage made in heaven, horseradish and salmon is moved to exhalated heights with the addition of fresh local asparagus and broccoli.  A light touch for the broccoli and asparagus ensures the colour and sweetness remains in these vegetables, as does allowing the salmon to look after itself, skin side down in a hot, dry pan after a light rub of oil.  The balance of salty, umami, sweet and bitter is beautifully demonstrated in this splendid, colourful plate.


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Take a peek here in the Storeroom to find out more about this beautiful salmon.

Steamed Cloudy Bay ‘Diamond Shell’ Clams with Baguette

This simple, classic dish takes our gathering to the South of France whilst shining a light on our own sweet, fresh, meaty seafood.    Deceptively simple the end result on your palate is sumptuous and enticing.  Sander suggests a top tip of sprinkling a loaf of your favourite bread with some water and popping it in the oven to give that fresh baked aroma and crunch.


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Take a peek here in the Storeroom to find out more about these fresh diamond shell clams.

Braised Beef Cheek with Porcini Mushrooms, Gnocchi & Winter Greens

Sander loves the rich, wintery taste of beef cheeks lovingly prepared and plated.  This hearty dish can be served any time of year by changing up the presentation.  Sander teamed his beef with kale and gnocchi.  His top tips are to let the beef cheeks cool before slicing and reheating to serve.  This allows the beef to be presented in slices rather than in ‘pulled pork’ style.  He also recommends enhancing the textures of this dish by lightly pan frying the gnocchi and toasting the pine nuts.


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Take a peek here in the Storeroom to find out more about these locally grown pine nuts.

Paleo Chocolate Caramel Tart with Strawberries & Whipped Vanilla Cream

Everyone loves pudding, including Sander’s special guests!  This salted caramel tart is a favourite in his house.  Our host likes to serve it with fresh seasonal fruit finding the acidity sets off the sweetness and enhances the dramatic colours on the plate.  A top tip is to whip up a quick homemade chocolate sauce to take this dish to the next level.   


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The kit

Fine Microplane Grater

This microplane grater is a key tool in any kitchen.  It allows a powder-like finish when grating hard ingredients and an almost a puree like finish to wet ingredients.  The effect of which is to dramatically enhance the flavours on your palate. Once you get this piece of kit in your kitchen, it will become your new best friend.

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Victorinox Rex Peeler

Our hosts are surprisingly particular about their peelers.  An effective, multipurpose peeler that transitions from fruit and vege to cheese and chocolate is a must to make preparing for your gathering safer and more enjoyable.  The Rex Zona Swiss Peeler fits the bill entirely.

Click here to see more details about this peeler in our Storeroom.

Wusthof Gourmet Chef Knife 20cm

As a dog is man’s best friend, a quality, durable knife is a host’s best friend.  Key to safe and precise preparation in any host’s kitchen is a quality, versatile, cared for knife.  The Wusthof knife is beautifully designed to accommodate a variety of cutting and gripping techniques making prep time safe and enjoyable.

For more details about this amazing knife visit out Storeroom here

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