About us

Since COVID 19 the way we relate, share and gather with one another has changed substantially.  What hasn’t changed is the desire to connect over a shared meal or glass of wine.  In fact, here at Gathering NZ, our desire to connect and gather our loved ones closer was enhanced by our experiences during this time.  We also saw the need to find a new way to inspire people to carry out looking for and creating those connections too.


We soon realised that every host had their own gatherings that did exactly that and by sharing their gatherings, cooking and recommendations we inspire a ripple of social closeness, even in a world of social distancing.


We welcome you to share your gatherings with us and our Gathering NZ community! Whether you are hosting at home, the bach or cribb, the boat, campervan or tent or picnic table, whether it is intimate or all encompassing, casual or a dazzling explosion of grandeur… create a special memento of your time, with your loved ones by sharing your gathering with Gathering NZ.  Click here  to share your gathering now!

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Coffee and Skinny Nuts
Dinner setting
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